About Us

SIMA – MIHOV is a private company (founded in 1992) located in the town of Apriltsi, Bulgaria. It is specialized in the development and the production of plastic products via injection moulding in the fields of the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, and the furniture industry. Customized thermoplastic injection moulded products/parts (e.g., SIC code: 3089; NAICS code: 326199) at the request of the customer may also be manufactured. Furthermore, custom-made plastic injection moulded products/components/parts according to drawings and/or specifications and/or ideas of the customer could be produced as well. Our company could manufacture plastic injection mouldings in a clean room environment Class 8 according to ISO 14644 (or Grade D according to EU GMP).



SIMA – MIHOV is equipped with:

•   Novel  ENGEL  injection moulding machines (some of our injection moulding machines are certified for operation in a clean room environment Class 8);

•   Efficient  PIOVAN  dryers;

•   PIOVAN  masterbatch dosing units;

•   PIOVAN  temperature controllers;

•   Other relevant equipment and facilities.



SIMA – MIHOV employs knowledgeable experts and skilful specialists with extensive experience.

SIMA – MIHOV generally strives to apply (at least partially) lean manufacturing.


SIMA – MIHOV works proactively with its customers in order to deliver their needs, to meet their versatile requirements, and to satisfy successfully their expectations. Our business relationships are based on clear communication, mutual trust, and respect.